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Technology in and of itself will not assist with your students’ learning. It’s knowing how to use those tools effectively that make the difference between success or failure. At JanTech, we are qualified not only to make product recommendations, but to personally assist you in adapting product use to meet the personal needs of your students.

Our experience and intimate knowledge of software AND teaching methods can assist you in making vital decisions that directly impact your students’ academic success…and ultimately, make integration a smoother process.

JanTech pro’s have many years of experience working with students of all ages and abilities. We recognize that it’s not only teachers who need training, but students and parents too.



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There is much to consider when preparing to introduce technology as a means to providing curriculum access. With many network and hardware configurations to consider, technology can easily seem like more of a burden than an aid. JanTech can eliminate that burden, and liberate teachers to do what they do best. Our longterm partnerships with school faculty and administrators ensure that they have the support and training they need–from the planning process through implementation–
to open exciting new opportunities for learning. We act as a resource for your staff for both low-tech and high-tech assistive technology solutions.

When starting the planning process, we offer consultation services to help you get started. JanTech can assist you in mapping out the allocation of computers and software throughout your school or district, for the most effective return on your investment. (This can help avoid unnecessary purchases or upgrades later, when volume pricing and bundled software packages may have been readily available.)
We also work with the child study team in order to match students with a specific
type of technology. Choosing the wrong software can lead to abandonment of the
technology, in which case, no one benefits.



All too often, we hear that schools buy software for classroom use and it sits on the shelves, unused. Unfortunate, to say the least. Teachers say that they
don’t feel they know the softwAre well enough to use it nor do they have the time to learn. Quality training is so important to making sure that technology use
will significantly impact students' learning.

Let us show you how to redesign your lessons to incorporate the use of technology into the curriculum. JanTech believes hands-on training is the best way to learn,
and invites teachers to bring their classroom materials with them so training can be readily applied to their daily instruction. Invite us in for a half- or full-day
workshop in your computer lab, and let us energize and inspire your teachers.
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1. Using Kurzweil As An Access Tool In The Inclusion Classroom
Many students mainstreamed through the inclusion process are not able to access
the curriculum because the classroom materials are written at a level far beyond the
student’s ability. This workshop presents ways to make textbooks, workbooks, websites
and tests accessible.

2. Re-Writing the Writing Process: Integrating Assistive Technology Tools
To Create A Highly Structured Approach To Writing

This workshop will introduce a new approach to the writing process incorporating
technology into the writing curriculum. This step-by-step approach is presented
using a variety of AT software programs. After a brief overview of the software,
attendees will learn how to enable their students to brainstorm, organize ideas,
create outlines, utilize word prediction, and auditory proofreading to create a
finished written project.

3. Ways To Organize Classroom Tasks Using Inspiration™
This hands-on workshop will explore at least four ways to utilize Inspiration in
the classroom. Teachers will learn how to use the computer to create schedules,
lesson plans, time-lines and story boards, in addition to the usual brainstorming
and writing tools more commonly associated with Inspiration.

4. Reaching Them to Teach Them: Adapting Your Teaching Styles
To Meet the Needs of Every Learner

Now more than ever, teachers are being asked to think outside of the box. Having
students with such varied skill levels in their classrooms, puts more of a demand
on teachers’ presentation skills. We will show you a variety of methods to get your
point across, some which include computer based technology, some that don’t.

5. Assistive Technology Consideration for the IEP: A Team Approach
The recommendation that a particular student use assistive technology should not
be made in isolation. This workshop covers legislation regarding assistive technology
and it’s “consideration” by a child study team. It will also address A.T. assessments.

6. Providing Access to Tests Using Kurzweil 3000
In this workshop, Janet De Senzo will discuss her many years of experience using
Kurzweil 3000 to provide access to written tests. The development of school policy
and procedures for test accommodations will be addressed. Examples of built-in
document security and test taking options will also be reviewed.

7. Supporting Included Students with Low-Tech and High-Tech AT Tools
Teachers are always looking for new approaches to teaching. Very often, classified
students will need added classroom supports to help them succeed. This workshop
will address a variety of helpful tools to level the playing field for included students.



Kurzweil 3000 Masters Seminar - covers all features of the Kurzweil 3000, including classroom application. Includes study skills instruction, test taking accommodations and lesson plan design.

Improving Literacy Skills Through Assistive Technology - Preparing children for the ASK and GEPA is no easy task. Let us show you how to boost children’s reading and writing skills to help improve overall scores.


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